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The Home GuardianProperty Management

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The Home GuardianProperty Management

Give Us A Call At:

706 473 8273

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Property Management Services

Owning and managing your second home should be seamless and efficient all while protecting your investment. It should be a pleasant and hassle-free experience. As your second home management company, our goal is to maximize your enjoyment of the time you and your guests spend at your second home.

The Home Guardian works with you by completing an initial home assessment of your home to gain an understanding of your specific needs. Based upon those needs, we will create a comprehensive checklist used to notify you of our findings after each visit to your home.

Whether you own a second home for rent or personal use and whether you’re a busy professional or homemaker in need of helping hands, we’re sure you will benefit from having The Home Guardian on call. Let us take care of the things you need to do while you enjoy doing the things you want to do!

Annual Maintenance

With your luxurious home we want to make sure that it is in pristine condition whenever you are visiting or renting it out to other guests. With our Annual Maintenance service, we will ensure that your home will receive HVAC unit tune ups, an Exterior Pressure Wash Setup, a Dryer Vent Clean out, a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, a Drapery & Bedspread Cleaning, as well as making sure the Interior and Exterior windows are cleaned.

Bi-Weekly Inspections

On our bi-weekly inspection, we will ensure that your home is protected by a Security System, Fire Alarm and Phone Line check, an Electrical panel check – tripped breakers, window & door inspections, as well as an Interior & Exterior inspection. Not only will we protect your home with our bi-weekly inspections, but other services and checkups are included such as:

  • Gutter maintenance and cleaning setup
  • Water source inspections and operations – Leaks and run all faucets, Flush commodes
  • Appliance operation check
  • HVAC operation & Monthly filter checks
  • Home Maintence scheduling as needed
  • Replace light blubs as needed
  • Housekeeping/ Landscaping/ Pool inspections


Arrival Package

For your rentals and invited guests, we cover every necessity they might need on their trip from the time they arrive and to the time they depart! Upon their arrival we make sure there is a stocked refrigerator and necessary house cleaning materials they might need for little messes.

For the recreational purposes, we want your guests to enjoy their time at the lake so we will prep and fuel automobiles and the water crafts (if available).

And of course, we want to make sure that your guests have a luxurious experience while staying at your residence. By doing this, we clean every inch of the house and prep the patio areas, furniture, and pool (if available).

Departure Package

Upon the end of your guest’s departure and stay, we provide the same pristine and exceptional service you would with the arrival package. We do a complete house cleaning, wash all linens, store and cover all water crafts, and inspect the pools with thorough cleaning (if needed).

We want to make sure that your renters experience is as easy and seamless as possible.

Severe Weather Visits

Sometimes, life can get a little crazy and you aren’t able to fully take care of your home during severe storms. The Home Guardian is able to provide services including a full interior and exterior inspection with documented property damage, if necessary (photo or video). Need help winterizing your home during our cold months at the lake… we’ve got you covered!

Since we are local business from the Lake Oconee area we like to work with local contractors from Georgia’s Lake Country that we thoroughly trust to help facilitate repairs as needed.

Guest Services

  • Dedicated concierge for your property
  • Organizing on-site functions
  • On-site fitness trainers and massage
  • Travel or relocation coordination
  • Organizing VIP experiences
  • Arranging transportation
  • Dining recommendations
  • Entertainment suggestions
  • Seasonal decor and events
  • Personal assistant/business services

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By providing services and benefits that enhance your second homes leasing program, we will help you attract and retain high value tenants or residents, and set you apart from your competition.